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Raw Material.

The quality of frozen products depends on the quality and process used in freezing.

All the raw materials are procured from fertile farms and orchards to be efficiently processed into the purest form. They are usually frozen within hours of being picked, and when thawed, they are very close to fresh in taste and texture, with nutrients intact.


Sorting Grading.

Fruits/Vegetables are sorted and inspected to remove defective ones, ensuring the best of final products loaded with rich taste and quality.

Our well-equipped manufacturing plant with graders and sorting systems check the external (color, skin defects, etc.) and internal quality of the raw materials.


Washing Peeling Cutting.

Vegetables and fruits are washed and peeled to ensure the sanitation of raw materials. Also, the process removes foreign materials like soil and stones, etc.

Cutting is done according to the sizes, different vegetables/fruits are cut into various shape/size so that they can be fully and equally processed.



Blanching involves washing the raw materials in hot water for a short period of time so to kill enzymes to preserve the taste and color of vegetables.

Besides, it can also kill certain bacteria to ensure the safety of vegetables and fruits.



We use "individually quick frozen" technology to freeze vegetables/fruits.IQF ensures that the food being frozen will freeze while producing almost no ice crystals inside of the product itself.

This meticulous and sophisticated process ensures that the fruits and vegetables are properly frozen, preserving their texture and nutrition.



The frozen vegetables/fruits are packed quickly so that they can be easily stored and transported with long shelf life. These food products can be used for a longer time as compared to their fresh produce.

Also, we provide packaging as per customers' requirements.





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